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One of the few shining lights of hope on the Pine Ridge Reservation are the Winters, Melvina and Louis. Together, they have run the Children's Village for 25 years and have taken in over 4,000 abused or abandoned children. Louis and Melvina were recently awarded the Jefferson Service Award at a banquet in Washington DC. Both Tom Daschle and Tim Johnson have managed to procure operating grants and even a new doublewide for the Children's Village.

Both Louis and Melvina are patient, caring, intelligent people. Lisa Dillon, director of Health and Human Services, says she has no idea what will happen to the tribe's children when Louis and Melvina are no longer around. In addition to turning around the lives of a significant number of the children they take in, Melvina and Louis have three of their own children, three more each by previous marriages, plus a number of adopted children whom they've raised as their own.